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The "Bullet Roadster" from Australia

Introduction / 13B Turbo Version Specifications / Kit version / Turnkey version / More Information


A company in Sydney, Australia is re-manufacturing MX5s/Miatas.
These are called the Bullet Roadster and are sold as a kit or as a completed car to your specifications.
There are many hi-tech optional extras available for this car. See below for a list of these options.

The car was available with three engine choices:
*13B turbo rotary , Around 200kW (260hp)
*20B turbo rotary
*Lexus V8 quad cam 32 valve, Also around 200kW (260hp)

While I understand that there were two rotary options, as of March 2001 only the Lexus V8 option is available. This may be due to emissions requirements.

Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (640x376)(1046x614)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (474x246)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (331x166)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (400x178)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (305x184)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (365x133)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (400x227)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (343x166)
Bullet Roadster
Bullet Roadster - Rotary Miata/MX5 (600x398)
Bullet Roadster

Specifications of the 13B turbo version

Weight 1080kg
Engine 13B turbo (2nd generation RX7 / Series 4)
Standard modifications 15 PSI boost, three inch exhaust, high flow air filter
Power (13BT version) 200+kW (260+hp)
Paint colour What ever you like
Interiors Black or tan leather
A/C Yes
Power Steering Yes
Wheels 16x7.5 205/45
Weight distribution 50/50
1/4 mile (13BT version) 12.9 sec (on sticky tyres)
0-100 km/h (13BT version) 5.5 sec
Price (13B, kit form) AUS$20000 (US$14000 or UK 11000 pounds + freight)
Price (13B, completed form) AUS$35000 (US$24500 or UK 19000 pounds + freight)

Details on Kit form

The kit includes:
*Car with complete interior, doors and panels, glass and windows all fitted.
*Full space frame chassis painted and fitted to car including cross member, front and rear suspension and brakes.
*Wheels and tyres, in most cases standard.
*Motor and gearbox, differential and driveline.
*Front body panels in gel coat with all mounts attached.
*Polished aluminium bonnet pivot with ball bearing mounts for custom tilting front.
*Polished alloy bonnet locks and supports.
*All needed lights and turn signals.
*All engine accessories (excluding engine management computer and wiring loom, which are available as an extra)

Optional extra cost items:
*Carbon fibre radiator shrouds, bits and pieces.
*Kevlar nose and panels.
*Alloy chassis.
*Motor modifications.
*Carbon fibre hard top.
*Roll cage.
*Suspension modifications.
*Spoilers/Body kit.

All you need to do is final assembly such as align panels, paint car, fit exhaust, wire computer, fit radiator etc and gain engineers approval (the company can help in this matter).
The cars are registrable in all Australian states. (Emissions must be met, the V8 version is complies better than the rotary at this stage.)
13B version around AUS$20000 (US$14000 or 11000 pounds + freight)
20B version add 15%
Lexus V8 version add 25%

Details on Completed, turn key car form

The car is fully completed by the company including all emissions and engineer's tests, ready to be registered in your (Australian) state.
13B version around AUS$35000 (US$24500 or 19000 pounds + freight) (1998 prices)
20B version add 10%
Lexus V8 version add 15%

Any purchase requires 50% deposit on order for Australian orders. For International orders please contact the company for details of payment.

More Information

Further reading and acknowledgements:
* Special thanks to John from Bullet Rotary for pictures and information about this car. See website for contact details.

Other relevant reading at Craig's Rotary Page (Please go via the INDEX page):
* No specific reading relevant to rotary MX5/Miatas; except Mazda Australia turbo MX5 (RX7-SP page)

Other relevant sites on the Internet (Please go via the LINKS page):
* Bullet Roadster homepage.
* Mazda Australia has made (2002) a FACTORY turbo MX5 4 cylinder. Around 150kW.

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